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Personal Injury

I represent clients who have suffered personal injuries because of someone’s negligence, most often as a result of an automobile collision. There are several important things you can do immediately if you have been injured in an automobile accident:

A. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING FROM AN INSURANCE COMPANY IN A PERSONAL INJURY CASE UNTIL YOU HAVE CONSULTED WITH AN ATTORNEY. You can decide to accept the insurance company’s offer after speaking with a lawyer, but once you sign an agreement with the insurance company you may be stuck.

B. Write down the names and telephone numbers of the witnesses.

C. Take photos of yourself (if you were visibly injured) and your vehicle (if it was visibly damaged) immediately following the collision.

D. Keep a file with all relevant documents together in one place. Relevant documents include the police report, medical records and automobile repair bills related to the collision.

E. Consult with an attorney immediately. You need to be careful both of the statute of limitations and of the dangers of losing evidence with the passage of time.

As with all litigation, mediation and settlement should always be at least considered, and often preferred.

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